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Proud of its Pittsford heritage, Pittsford Musicals, a non-profit corporation since 1968, remains dedicated to a three-fold purpose:

  • to provide an opportunity for adults in the community to participate in amateur musical theater,
  • to provide entertainment for the local community
  • and to award scholarships to Pittsford and other area high school students wishing to pursue studies in theater/creative arts.

The Mission & Objectives of Pittsford Musicals, Inc.

Pittsford Musicals, Inc., is dedicated to the following objectives:

Provide the community with a creative outlet for people interested in theatrical arts.

It all began in 1966 as a PTA fundraiser involving Pittsford parents and teachers, but in a few short years Pittsford Musicals incorporated and grew to include people from all over the greater Rochester area. Our crew, actors, singers and dancers volunteer their time and talent because of their shared love of theatre.

Provide the community with affordable local entertainment in the form of a musical production.

Although there are many venues for entertainment in Rochester, very few offer such a high caliber production put on by friends, family and peers. We have many faithful audience members as well as cast and crew members who return year after year due to the high standards of the organization.

Provide monetary and other support to the community.

Since its inception, Pittsford Musicals has awarded $247,900 in scholarships to area high school seniors pursuing studies in the arts. We have also provided technical and financial support to both Pittsford High Schools to help them create their own excellent productions. We are greatly indebted to the Pittsford Central School District for the continued use of their auditorium.

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