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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer to Help  
Volunteer effort has been and remains essential to the continued existence and success of Pittsford Musicals. There's something for everyone to do in a Pittsford Musicals show, and you'll have a great time doing it too.

We need actors. We need stage crew. Then there's costume and set construction, props personnel, set painters and decorators. We need people to staff the box office, stuff envelopes, run to the printer or to the hardware store, help the cast with make-up. We need ushers.

No experience? No problem. All that's required is your interest and cooperation so that together we can put on the best show in town, help to raise scholarship funds, and have fun all at the same time.

Call us at (585) 586-1500, or email us at, and let us know what you might be interested in doing, as well as your name and phone number or email address so we can get back to you.