Kate Bond, president

Kate Bond moved to Rochester in 2012 from New York City and was welcomed into the PM community with open arms. Truly, it is what has kept her from running away screaming from the suburbs. Kate has been on stage with PM in A Little Night Music, Curtains, Cabaret, Sweeney Todd and the 50 Years of Song and Dance Concert. She has designed several PM programs and has served on the Marketing, Fundraising, and Nominating Committees. Kate loves singing and plays piano, guitar, flute, piccolo, saxophone, drums - and she can cook too! By day, Kate is a stay-at-home mom to four young children and enjoys graphic design. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colgate University. Term Ends: January 2021

Jennifer Pawlak, vice president

Jennifer Pawlak has been a member of Pittsford Musicals since the 2004 production of Mame and has been involved both on- and off-stage with every show since then. You have most recently seen her as an apple-wielding tree in The Wizard of Oz and a catatonic lunatic in Sweeney Todd. Jen brings to the Board her enthusiasm for the continued success of the organization and a great sense of humor. Among other goals, Jen will help the organization maintain its current technological capabilities and advance future technology goals, attract new talent, and continue to provide high-quality productions, thereby ensuring Pittsford Musicals’ prominence in Rochester’s amateur theatre community. Jen is the chair of the Marketing committee and has served on the Show Selection Committee, Nominating Committee, Director Search Committee, Scholarship Committee. Jen is also an active member of P.E.O. (Philanthropic Education Organization), having served as treasurer, secretary, vice president, and is currently finishing a two-year term as president.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University. Term Ends: January 2021

Dave Fisher, treasurer

Dave has been a member of Pittsford Musicals since 1982 (the first Carousel). He is a past Board member, past President, past Treasurer, and Distinguished Service Award Winner. Strictly a backstage person, Dave has designed and built many of the sets for Pittsford Musicals. He is also the Technical Director and Set Designer for the Honeoye Falls Lima School District Drama Club. He is employed as a Software Engineer with First Consulting, Inc. and lives in Honeoye Falls with his wife, Lisa. Term Ends: January 2020


Katie Keller Groat has been involved with Pittsford Musicals since the fall of 2008 when she was cast as Minnie Fay in Hello, Dolly!. Since then, Katie has been a cast member of A Chorus Line, Curtains, Cabaret, The Wizard of Oz, and 50 Years of Song & Dance, and has beena member of the Pittsford Musicals Board of Directors for the past three years.

Katie teaches mathematics and choreographs the musical productions for East Irondequoit Middle School, Pittsford Sutherland High School, Calkins Road Middle School, the MainStage and SummerStage programs at the JCC, and the Pittsford Mendon High School show choir. During the summer, Katie works as an Associate Instructor for the Rochester Broadway Theatre League's Summer Stars musical theatre intensive. She teaches dance at Jody B's Studio of Dance in Penfield and is an Entertainment Cast Member at Walt Disney World. 

Katie very much enjoys contributing to all of the work that goes on year-round to make each production a success. From fundraising and running the box office to working together to choose future productions, Katie will continue to support Pittsford Musicals and aid in this amazing group’s continued success!! Katie is the chair of the Ticketing committee. Term Ends: January 2020


Scott has been a faithful audience member for many years, most recently attending this fall’s 50 Years of Song and Dance, a benefit. After living in Rochester for the past 8 years, he is looking to expand his volunteer experience. Scott’s 20+ years working in professional theatre has afforded him insight that Pittsford Musicals can benefit from. He is currently the Manager of Corporate Engagement and Special Events at Geva Theatre Center, a position that has educated him in many ways to help Pittsford Musicals continue to provide the community with affordable entertainment in the form of a musical production. He has also held positions as a Box Office Manger, both at Geva Theatre Center and Studio 54 Theatre, as part of Roundabout Theatre Company in New York City. He has additional theatre experience from Broadway to community theatre, ranging from behind-the-scenes, on-stage, and in the board room. Scott is happy to share and expand on his experience, and is pleased to be on the Board of Directors. Term Ends: January 2021

Jason Ford

Theatre is such a big part of Jason Ford’s life. He has been involved with Pittsford Musicals since the fall of 2015 when he was cast as Victor in Cabaret. Since then, Jason has played the guard in the cast of the The Wizard of Oz. He was also an ensemble member of Sweeney Todd and 50 Years of Song & Dance, and has been a member of the Board of Directors for the past three years. He has worked with many other theater groups in the Rochester area as well. One of his favorite roles was Motel, the tailor, in Webster Theater Guild’s production of Fiddler on the Roof and worked with JCC Centerstage when he played Craig in their production of The Normal Heart. Besides being on stage, Jason is the Drama Club Advisor and Director for Wheatland-Chili Middle School/High School. In 2018, he directed and help produce In the Heights; this year he is working on Shrek: The Musical.

Jason teaches fifth grade at Francis Parker School No. 23 and has been teaching for the past 14 years with the City of Rochester. He also co-directs musicals at his school and recently became the Rochester City School District Musical Costumer. In January 2019, he worked on Once on this Island, Jr., a RCSD-wide musical. Jason has fully enjoyed being a part of all aspects of theatre from actor, stage crew, director, costumer, to set designer. Term Ends: January 2020


After being "homeless" for a few years following his work with the The College at Brockport Theatre Program in 2008, Todd Gonzalez feels he has finally found a new home with a wonderful family here with Pittsford Musicals! Although he is a relative newcomer to the Pittsford Musicals family, he is looking forward to serving the organization in a greater capacity off stage. He began working with PM in 2014 with Curtains and followed that show up the next year with Cabaret. Most recently, he was a member of the Sweeney Todd ensemble, but wanted to do more than just play on stage, so he volunteered to take on some dramaturgy work for the production as well as single-handedly created a lobby display to further educate not only our cast and crew, but our audience on some of the aspects of Victorian England and the history of the Demon Barber, which are both topics near and dear to his heart. 

This was an enjoyable experience because it allowed him to use some of his theatrical training accrued throughout high school and college which, at times, he felt went to waste. Aside from dramaturgy, he also has a strong interest and training in properties management, costume construction, and set decoration, all of which he would love to pursue to a greater degree. He hopes to be able to do more of this sort of work on future productions.

Todd has a strong attention to detail, as well as a drive to try new things and help with the decision making process. He would love the opportunity to play a role in our family that involves more than just playing a role on stage. For the past few years he has really been looking forward to taking some time away from acting and focusing on other aspects of theatre. This is a perfect opportunity to serve the organization off the stage and hopefully being able to do great things for all of us, his theatre family. Todd is the chair of the Fundraising committee. Term Ends: January 2022


Kelsey MacKellar is a billing manager at the Catholic Family Center. She loves theater and was so glad to get involved with Pittsford Musicals’ Sweeney Todd as her first show in the Rochester area. She has served on the fundraising committee for the 2018 Trivia Night. Kelsey is pleased to become a member of the PM board to help this community keep thriving and to do some creative problem solving when needed.  Term Ends: January 2020


Pittsford Musicals has been a part of Michelle McNutt's life since before she was even a McNutt!  It was 2001 when she was cast in South Pacific by Lorie Dewey and company.  That’s all it took to get hooked.  Since then, Michelle has been on stage with PM for 6 productions, back stage for 4 productions (often running lightboard), in the audience, and supporting from afar.  She also recruited her boyfriend (now husband) for crew for 2 shows!  While Michelle has performed with other community theater groups, PM has always felt like coming home.  Michelle works from home for the health insurance company Cigna in a project manager role while at the same time being the director of operations for an analytic consulting department.  She has 2 children who love to see her on stage and sing at home, and a wonderful husband.  Michelle is excited about finally being at a place in her life where she can give back to this wonderful organization which has given her so many friends and fond memories. Michelle is the chair of the Scholarship committee.  Term Ends: January 2022

Diane O'Neil

Diane has been involved with Pittsford Musicals since 1995. She had so much fun collecting props for that show she came back the next year and has been doing it every year. Since then she has worked backstage as part of the crew and learned to help build set pieces. Diane has served a number of terms on the Board of Directors, including several times as President. She has also served as the Pittsford liaison to TheatreRocs. She realizes that theater groups in Rochester are facing increasing pressure for audiences, operating funds and even performing locations. She feels that Pittsford Musicals holds a unique place in this environment not only for the quality of its productions, but also for the sense of community it brings to those involved. Term Ends: January 2021


Vicki Roes stepped into her first audition ever with Pittsford Musicals 3 years ago for The Wizard of Oz. Encouraged by her 4 school-age children and husband, she accepted their challenge and gave it her all.  Little did she know that that one audition would bring her as far as it has into this new theater world she has discovered. Since being cast (yes, her audition must have gone well), she has performed in 5 musicals with not only PM, but WTG and RAPA. Being a mom is her number one most important job, but giving back to the community is also very important. She has served on many boards for local organizations and is currently on the board of the Pittsford HS swim team. She is a stay-at-home mom who never stays at home. In addition to theater, she plays volleyball twice a week, volunteers in the schools regularly, serves at her church, is an avid traveler, and is a non-certified taxi driver starting at 2:45pm every day.

Vicki knows her community and the people in it very well. Keeping the tradition of PM alive has become a passion of hers. Serving on the board is not only her way of giving back to the theater community that has been so welcoming, but also by helping to keep the magic of music and theater alive for the people and families of the town she calls home. Term Ends: January 2022